Ah, the lowly Service Advisor. We get abused by the customer, the technician, the service manager, parts suppliers, and the walk-in salesman, not necessarily in that order. Somehow we are expected to make everyone happy, keep gross sales numbers up, maintain profitability, generate great CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index), and do it all with a smile and a positive attitude, even after some jerk on the phone just raked us over the coals for something completely out of our control. We are probably the most abused and least trained group in the automotive industry. But no more my friends! Welcome to The Service Advisor’s Desk!

The Phone

How you answer the phone is extremely important especially to a customer that has just experienced a vehicle failure. Bruce provides some great guidelines on how to answer the phone.

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

The call came in from a customer that was very distraught and sitting on the side of the road. “My truck is making a (imagine the sound effect) noise! I think it’s the turbo. How much is that?” “Mr....

I Have a Special Purpose

What is the purpose of a service advisor? One previous trainer said that the purpose of a service advisor is “Get car in shop!” While that may be part of it, there is much, much more involved....

Episode 1 – The Phantom Manager

There has been a disturbance in the Force. Evil surrounds you, but where is it coming from? Was that last unreasonable customer really a Sith Lord in hiding, cloaking himself from your...

The Service Advisor’s Guide to the Galaxy

Welcome to the first article of our Service Advisor’s Desk series! The goal of this series is to assist you in the daily operations of your position from a guy that has been in the trenches as well....

About the Author


Service Advisor Desk Articles By: Bruce McDowell

Bruce is currently a Service Advisor for Garber Diesel Service Truck & Trailer Service Center.

Bruce’s credentials include: AMAM through AMI, ASE Certified Service Advisor, Ford Motor Company – Master Service Manager, Master Service Advisor, Master Parts Manager, Master Warranty Administrator plus 2 Management Degrees, Stationary Engineer License, and Retired Navy. And above all… modest.