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Automotive Technicians of Today and Tomorrow demand the pro-level, in-class, on-site, and online training Technician.Academy delivers. Put your brand in their hearts, minds, and hands by coming aboard.

We offer multiple opportunities for you to connect with the technician:

  • Branded Category Training – Technician.Academy is category-specific training that uses hands-on instruction to help Technicians expertly install your branded product. It’s your brand they’re holding in their hands—your brand exclusively owns its category. When technicians associate your brand with investing in their growth, you’ve earned their appreciation and professional loyalty.
  • Category Specific Advertising -Whether it’s in-class on a college campus, in-bay at a professional garage, on-site at a WD event, or online, promotional announcements for your category-specific Technician.Academy training opportunity feature your brand and product.
  • Advertising Opportunities & More – Your branded banner ads appear throughout our Technician.Academy website—the 24/7 resource Technicians turn to for blogs, Tech Tips, job boards, and industry news, and more.

Want more information on these and additional opportunities? Give us a call at 855.306.8818 or fill out the form below.

Award Winning Training Program

The Car Care Council Women in Auto Care honored Technician.Academy with three awards.

  • Car Care Clinics’ Category: Technician.Academy
  • Website Category: Technician.Academy
  • Facebook Customization Category: Technician.Academy