Why Technician.Academy is Important

We saw the need and the opportunity. With 40% of today’s technicians over the age of 55 and 70% are over 45, now is the optimum time to provide brand-infused training to tomorrow’s technicians; those currently enrolled in colleges and technical schools. Also, 70% of today’s professional technicians are working in independent repair facilities, which means they don’t have access to OE training. Technician.Academy will bring your brand to the product-installing consumers. Technician.Academy will also reach the DIY segment, with training events at WDs.

Technician.Academy Benefits the Technicians of Today & Tomorrow:

  • New technicians learning the business
  • Refresher for seasoned technicians
  • Any technician interested in advanced diagnostics & latest technology

The Brand/Manufacturer Benefits in Ways that Last:

  • Training technicians how to install your product, instills loyalty in your brand
  • With only one brand per category, your brand dominates its category
  • Certified courses, tech tips, blogs, videos, webinars—all specific to your category
  • The advanced training the technicians of today & tomorrow respect

How Technician.Academy Benefits the Distributor:

  • Reduced returns of undamaged product due to improper installation
  • Increased product turns as expert installation generates more efficient turns of the bays
  • Opportunity for you to distribute your branded collateral

Enhancing College Automotive Programs:

  • Providing the advanced technology training that engages the most tech-savvy generation in automotive history
  • Training events feature category-specific instruction that coincides with the colleges’ current curriculums
  • Our ASE-certified pros have real-life in-bay experience, and provide hands-on instruction to prepare Technicians of Tomorrow to expertly install products
  • Online resources, 24/7 for Technicians of Tomorrow
  • Manufacturer-supported training with NO sales pitch

Benefits to the Repair Shop:

  • Training of proper installation
  • Reduced diagnostic time & increased accuracy
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased profits
  • Increased safety

US Dept. of Labor Stats:

  • Nearly 1/3 of the fastest growing occupations will require an associates degree or postsecondary vocational certificate
  • Employers will be hiring more people with technical education than any other educational background
  • The fastest-growing job categories in the US will be technology-related

“The insight that an expert manufacturer trainer can bring is exactly what today’s future automotive technician needs. When someone from the manufacturer takes interest in the students’ education it makes a big impression. Let’s face it, they are the future of the Automotive Repair Industry!”
-Chuck DeBernardi, Automotive Technology Program Coordinator, Kaskaskia College