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Episode #19 with Eric the Car Guy – The Power of Automotive Repair Videos

In the 19th Episode of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, Eric Cook, better known as “Eric the Car Guy”, talks about his presence on YouTube, the motivation behind his YouTube channels as well as viewer demographics, and the importance of technician training today. Eric the Car Guy began posting repair videos on YouTube in 2009, and between his two channels—Eric the Car Guy and ETCG!—he’s posted over 900 videos. As a strong presence on YouTube and in the automotive industry, Eric the Car Guy understands the power of training and the importance of solving technician shortages.

Episode #18 – Behind the Scenes with Debbie Nol, Service Shop Owner

In Episode #18 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, Debbie Nol, Business Manager at Arie Nol Auto Center, discusses her shop and how she got into the automotive business. Nol originally joined her husband in running the family business in 2000 with no interest in the industry. Now, her favorite part of her job is interacting with customers and encouraging them to ask questions. Nol also talks about the repair industry and her future goals as a shop owner. Tune in now to learn more about Debbie Nol and her shop.

Episode #17 – The Value of Recruiting and Retaining Trained Technicians with Larry Renschler

In Episode #17 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, Fixed Operations Manager for Romain Crosspoint, Larry Renschler, discusses with CEO Shawn Collins the value of a trained technician and the issues people are having with locating quality employees. As heard in the previous podcast, there is a real problem of technician shortages, and Renschler also voices his opinions on what could be causing this shortage and how it can be solved. As a manager, Renschler also explains what he looks for in a new employee and how his organization is working to retain new technicians after the first year.

Episode #16 – Addressing and Curing the Shortage of Automotive Technicians Today with Nick Barton

Episode #16 of the Technician.Academy podcast series revolves around the real problem of technician shortages and what can be done to possibly remedy this issue. The podcast features Nick Barton, a shop owner of 10 years who’s very well-respected amongst his peers and even guides a local association of repair shop owners, which allows them to discuss and discover common issues of day-to-day operations. Like many other shop owners today, Barton is searching for more talented technicians to fill the bays at his shop. In the podcast, Barton discusses how he thinks the technician shortages can be solved, how distributors and manufacturers can help future technicians, and more.

Episode #15 –  Shaping the Future of Technicians of Tomorrow Today with Rick Escalambra

Episode #15 of the Technician.Academy podcast series features Rick Escalambra, a retired professor of Automotive Technology at Skyline College in San Bruno, CA for thirty-one years. He coordinated one of the largest and finest automotive programs in the state of California and is still very influential in the automotive field today. Rick provides his insight on the value of technician training in today’s industry and why there is such a shortage. He discusses what future technicians should focus their skills on to succeed in the industry. Rick also provides his opinion on where he sees the future of the automotive industry. Tune in now to learn more! You can also read this article Rick wrote in 2003 Disjointed! to see how similar it is to today’s industry.

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