How To Choose An Automatic Transmission Parts Supplier

Whether you want to rebuild a transmission yourself or work for an auto repair shop, an automatic transmission parts supplier can be worth their weight in gold. They are the people you call when you need to order a part or kit, which means they must be dedicated. They must also keep up with the technology and advancements to ensure that you use the most reliable and safest products available to you, whether you’re fixing an ambulance or a family car.


Many times, people will prefer to use aftermarket automatic transmission parts because they may be less expensive. However, the supplier you choose needs to ensure that the products are safe and new, not just painted to look new. Likewise, you may want to use original equipment so that you don’t void the vehicle’s warranty. Whatever your choice, it’s imperative that the supplier offers both options.

Easy To Find/Navigate

In most cases, you’ll be using their website to get the items you need, whether you’re stocking up inventory or need something for your personal vehicle. You don’t want to click on every available link, hoping to find the part you require. Instead, you want all the automatic transmission parts available for display on one page or in one catalog.

Customer Service

While you’ll probably do most of your business online, you may still need to contact a representative for help. It’s best to contact them by phone or email initially before you choose to do business with them. You’ll get a better idea about response times and can hear how friendly and helpful they truly are. That way, if you have to call about a problem or question, you already know they’ll take care of you.


When dealing with new products that you are purchasing to put on a vehicle, you should make sure there is a guarantee or warranty. As a shop owner, you will probably provide guarantees to the customer, so you want to ensure that the product will do what it claims for the specified amount of time listed. That way, you can return the part anytime during the warranty period for a refund or new part.

Variety Of Options

Transmissions need a lot of components to make them work, and while you may usually choose kits or packages, you should be able to order anything separately in any amount, including bulk.