Technician.Academy has released its 45th podcast episode with ASE Certified Service Advisor, Bruce McDowell. The podcast is now available for listeners via the Technician.Academy website and other subscription channels: Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Podcast Summary: In Episode #45 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, guest Bruce McDowell discusses changes in the automotive repair industry and what his contributions to the Technician.Academy blog have been. McDowell is an ASE Certified Service Advisor for Garber Diesel Service in Versailles, MO. He is the featured author of Technician.Academy’s Service Adviser Desk that assists service advisors, and he is also working on a featured 10-part blog series called “Not Your Grandfather’s Garage”. In the podcast, host Shawn Collins and McDowell talk about the idea of perception is reality, the potential negative reputation of the automotive industry, automotive industry innovations, and more. Tune in now to hear from Bruce McDowell.