The dreaded TPMS light. This tech tip by ALLDATA explains a simple diagnostic suggestion.

Vehicle: 2008 Nissan-Datsun Versa, L4-1.8L, Automatic Transaxle
Mileage: 101,122

Problem: The customer brought the car to the shop because, after starting the car, the TPMS light would flash for a minute then stay on continually. This would happen every drive cycle. The vehicle had stock steel wheels and hubcaps.


Details: The tech scanned for codes and found a diagnostic trouble code (DTC), C1709 – Data from transmitter not being received (Front right). He checked the tire pressures and verified that they were all correct and equal (33psi). All tires were inspected for correct size (185/65R15) and signs of abnormal wear. The tires had 6/32″ tread depth remaining and no other problems were found during inspection.

NOTE: The spare tire does not have a TPMS sensor.

On recommendation from the Tech-Assist consultant, he checked TPMS remaining battery life and found that all four sensors showed under 15-months remaining (new sensors typically report 120-month lifespan).

NOTE: Weak TPMS sensor battery life can cause this problem to happen intermittently.

Confirmed Repair: Because there was some battery life remaining, the tech decided to re-initialized the sensors. The light remained off but the car came back a week later with the same DTC. This time, he replaced all four TPMS sensors, registered the sensors and cleared the DTC. After replacing all the TPMS sensors the problem was fixed.

Source: ALLDATA Tech Tip