Every vehicle requires a strong transmission system. This allows the vehicle to shift into drive, or reverse, and ultimately get from point A to point B. Without a working transmission, your vehicle is basically the shell of itself. The clutch is a viable part that works in unison with the transmission system. It’s a web of connecting parts which all need to work together in order for the vehicle to perform at its best. This is true for vehicles of all types; including the casual family van, to the high performance race car, to the heavy duty agricultural tractor.

Replace an Old and Worn Clutch for a Stronger Running Transmission

In older vehicles, or those used in heavy duty or high-stress applications on a regular basis, a clutch plate can become worn or damaged leading to issues with your entire drive system. The clutch plate is often subjected to high pressure and force, which can cause breakage in components which are aged or even those that may not have been installed properly. For the do-it-yourselfer, looking to improve an aged transmission system, replacing the clutch plate should be high on your list.