Arguably the most important part of a vehicle is its ability to stop, and for that you need reliable brake pads and rotors. These components are easily replaceable and come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and brands. They can be made from ceramic, steel, carbon or other materials, but their main purpose is to place friction onto the rotor to stop the wheel. For vehicles that are driven at higher speeds, such as race cars or high-end luxury performance vehicles, the brake pads must be able to withstand a much higher level of heat and friction in order to perform properly. But it’s not just speed addicts that can benefit from the extra stopping power of performance friction brake pads; the everyday driver can as well!

Hauling Heavy Loads

One of the most common uses for performance friction brake pads on everyday vehicles is for those who haul large boats, fifth-wheel campers, or large horse trailers. These vehicles not only require a much more powerful engine, but also need to be able to stop the weight of the vehicle as well as some of the weight of what it may be towing. When going downhill, it may be important to keep a pressure on the brakes to maintain a safe speed, which can build up an immense amount of heat over just a few miles. Regular brake pads may not be able to withstand the force, and could leave you with poor or no stopping power when you need it most.

Finding the Right Parts

As with all automobile parts, brake pads can come in a huge range of makes, models, sizes, and styles. You may be looking for drilled or slotted, high-performance or street-performance. It could be placed on your stock car, or Lamborghini, your toy hauler or the family heavy-duty van. No matter what you may need them for, the bottom line with performance brakes is their ability to withstand much higher temperatures caused by friction. When you need to bring a vehicle down from high speeds in an instant, these would be the brakes you want to find. Once you find the right brakes for your vehicle, replacing them yourself is quite simple if you are somewhat mechanically inclined, and it can save you quite a bit of money on labor costs from the mechanic. However, for those who don’t care to get their hands dirty, any standard repair shop should have no problems removing your old pads and rotors and replacing them with your new performance type.