This course is designed to provide a guide to basic tools and components to properly repair an automotive wiring harness. Wiring within the automotive application can be damaged in many different ways and sometimes in difficult to access the damaged wire locations. This course addresses some different types of repair connectors thus providing alternate ways to repair damaged sections of wire within the vehicle harness.

As technicians we should strive to always provide the best repair to the vehicle as possible and with the ever increasing electronics within todays vehicle a proper wiring repair is of the upmost importance. We do not want a poorly repaired wire connection to create a continuity issue or allow corrosion to enter into the circuit. These issues could cause a customer to experience drivability issues in the future or worse yet being stranded along the road. By creating a best practice standard in your procedure to repair a damaged wire you can alleviate problems for the vehicle owner caused by a substandard repair.

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