Is adaptive cruise control (ACC) worth the added cost? I can see both advantages and disadvantages to the system. I do however believe that it could lead to fewer vehicle reared collisions. This article helps the reader in understand the technology behind (ACC).

“Here at ExtremeTech we see automobiles as much more than just four wheels, an engine, and a few seats. We view automobiles as being the ultimate mobile technology platform and something as worthy of our attention as the latest CPU or smartphone. With that in mind, we’ll be releasing a series of introductory auto tech articles, providing readers with in-depth explanations of today’s important technologies. First up for the series: adaptive cruise control.

Adaptive cruise control basics
Adaptive cruise control (ACC) is an intelligent form of cruise control that slows down and speeds up automatically to keep pace with the car in front of you. The driver sets the maximum speed — just as with cruise control — then a radar sensor watches for traffic ahead, locks on to the car in a lane, and instructs the car to stay 2, 3, or 4 seconds behind the person car ahead of it (the driver sets the follow distance, within reason)…”

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