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Today’s automotive technician is a well-trained individual with a vast array of technical skills that are similar to those of a structural or electrical engineer due to the ever-changing technical aspects of the automobile.

As in the computer industry, as soon as you become familiar with the latest technology, it becomes obsolete and is replaced with an upgraded product. It is impractical to believe that what you have mastered today will make you valuable throughout the rest of your career.

Depending upon your specific situation, going back to school may be impractical, so explore other methods to obtain the necessary training to keep your skills current and valuable.

It is becoming extremely difficult to find highly qualified technicians that are ASE certified, also known as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. You should always strive to remain at the top of your profession, making you a valuable commodity.

The more certifications you have, along with knowledge of the latest technology, the more valuable you are to the organization. Remember, pay scales are typically proportionate to your value.

Methods to Stay Abreast of New Technology

  • The value of using the correct lubricant is immeasurable. This article highlights some of the changes that are taking place in the medium and heavy duty category.
  • Order automotive magazines that are shop-oriented and describe current auto trends and future predictions. They provide good insight into the subjects to concentrate on.
  • Scan technical service bulletins for various brands and make a note of service complications and the manufacturers’ recommended repair procedures.
  • Speak to the shop owner and see if there is a niche he would like to fill. The shop may be weak in one area or another, and he may be willing to pay for the training. Many technical colleges have online training in advanced technology at a relatively low cost.
  • If you are a veteran or have served in the armed forces, you can take advantage of funds awarded to all military personnel for additional training.
  • Several part distributors offer after hours training throughout the year that you can attend to help increase your knowledge.

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