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Thirty years ago who would of thought that a technology company would be wanting to hire a automotive technician unless it was to repair their vehicle fleet. Now with the increase of technology the technician is in demand and not only for his ability to repair vehicle but to also helping to develop tomorrows autonomous car.

Auto technicians need to be treated as true professionals

Larry Silvey, Aftermarket Business World Columnist, has covered domestic and international automotive aftermarket issues for more than 30 years.

“I really want to change the industry, and it’s going to come mainly from the fixed side,” says Mark Smith, COO of Principle Auto, an auto dealership network in San Antonio, Texas.Why is Smith trying to “change the industry?”  In a Fixed Ops Journal article, he says, “If you are not heavy into fixed operations by the next downturn — unless you got tons of cash in the bank

— just figure out who you’re going to sell to.”

Smith is not alone in planning for an industry downturn when consumers slow down on car buying. Moreover, an increasing number of dealers are boosting their fixed operations so that they can benefit from both service and sales day-in and day-out.…”

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