Technician.Academy recently provided fuel systems training at Owensboro Community & Technical College. The class was led by Richard Young, the Director of Aftermarket Content and Programs for EXTEND PERFORMANCE. The extensive training provided by Technician.Academy spanned nearly three hours, and Young was pleased that the in-depth course content fully engaged the large, enthusiastic group of students. He states, “I am extremely passionate about this industry and enjoy being able to bring that passion for training to tomorrow’s technicians. Training is the only way we can continue to improve, and it truly is a blessing to be able to impress the students with that belief!” Richard Young is the Technician.Academy training leader, and an ASE Certified Master Technician and is an excellent resource for colleges. Young is well-known for his training programs, videos, and is highly-respected among automotive technicians. Young now serves on the Automotive Advisory Boards at two colleges: IVY Tech Community College—Southwest, in Evansville, Indiana; and Frontier Community College of Fairfield, Illinois.

Technician.Academy offers personalized, onsite, and online training for automotive technicians of today and tomorrow. Onsite education takes place at colleges, WDs, automotive events, and in-bay at professional garages. Technician.Academy understands how pressed for time automotive technicians are. Online training is available whenever it’s needed, 24/7. Multiple levels of courses provide technicians with the tools required to compete and win by turning the bay quickly and expertly.

In addition to Owensboro Community & Technical College, Technician.Academy is providing courses for automotive students at five additional colleges in 2016. Technician.Academy’s schedule is filling up fast and they are currently seeking additional colleges for 2017. To see highlights from this first class, check out today’s vlog.