Providing a single location for accurate training and content that is valuable to the automotive technician was the driving force behind building Technician.Academy. Technician.Academy, powered by EXTEND PERFORMANCE, is personalized, onsite, and online training for automotive technicians of today and tomorrow. Shawn Collins, Founder & CEO, points out, “With over 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers represented at one major event alone, imagine the industry-wide volume of advances in products requiring new knowledge of installation and repair techniques. Who’s keeping the automotive technicians continuously updated on ever-advancing how-to’s? We are.” We are here to help increase productivity for the automotive technicians of today and tomorrow.

Onsite education takes place in-the-bay at colleges, WDs, and professional garages as well as on site at select automotive events. Technician.Academy is holding their first on-campus, college class this month and three more scheduled for next month. Online courses are in the works and added each month. Next up are podcasts and webinars with industry experts guaranteed to inform and educate. Technician.Academy knows firsthand, how pressed for time automotive technicians are. So, Technician.Academy provides online training whenever it’s needed, 24/7. Visitors to their site can create a profile and stay informed on news, updates, and enhancements.

Multiple levels of course variations provide technicians with the tools required to compete and win by turning the bay quickly and expertly. Technician.Academy encourages participation from the automotive technician, that’s why they provide forums and a suggestion box. Featured content includes category-specific tech tips, blogs, videos, online classes plus certified courses coming soon. Their content team, made up of experienced automotive professionals, is lead by Richard Young, ASE Master Technician for Technician.Academy. Young has over 30 years of industry experience and is known for his groundbreaking training programs. “We felt a need for this type of website, just for automotive technicians, a place they can find information they can use, get the advice they need, and request the training they are looking for!” said Young.

Automotive aftermarket brands and distributors play an integral part in the technician’s work day. With category-specific content and training, Technician.Academy encourages them to participate and exclusively own their categories to further provide the best possible information to the automotive technician.

Technician.Academy – Built to Educate.