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Here is a tech tip we found written by Peter Bowers, who is a contributor to Vehicle Service Pros. It covers 5 steps for shop management and safety.

  1. “Maintain a tidy shop. Clutter leads to accidents, so keep it clean.
  2. Know your capacity. Always double-check the weight of the heaviest vehicle you intend to lift. Make certain that the vehicle lift you select is ALI-certified to meet, or exceed, that threshold.
  3. Carefully measure the height clearance of the facility. That means, prior to selecting a lifting system, measure the ceiling height in the facility and also note the height of the tallest vehicle you plan to service on the lift. In that way, operators can determine if there is ample room to raise the vehicle to a serviceable height that in turn will permit a technician to comfortably work underneath the vehicle…..”

To read the full article CLICK HERE.