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How could hiring another employee into a repair shop that was experiencing lack luster growth year over year create a positive effect.  Danny Wisian did just that and the results proved that it was the right decision. I believe this industry is still very personal and requires that person talking to person element to provide success. Danny had all the right components capable ASE master certified team of technicians a location with room to work. But he just felt the shop had more potential and did not to settle for contentment with year after year slow growth. So he did his homework and found the problem to be a low closing rate due to his one service advisor not being able to devote the time to each individual customer. By adding another advisor, it allowed more time for each advisor to explain the needed repairs and assure the customer that it truly was what they needed. In the fast paced world, we live in the personal interact between car owner and service provider is a positive asset. Studies show that the second most valuable material asset todays families have is their vehicle behind the home. So it just stands to reason feeling comfortable in who and why that vehicle needs those repairs is a benefit for the repair facility.

“Danny Wisian explains how he reinvigorated a stagnant closing ratio and productivity levels.

If Danny Wisian had to describe the environment in his shop in one word, he says the first 14 years of shop ownership could be summed up as “chaotic.” Although the shop continued to grow every year, he says the small staff of five at Tech One Automotive in Austin, Texas, was always overloaded and had a hard time keeping up. Wisian had a staff of master-level technicians and a service advisor with more than 30 years experience, but Wisian says he couldn’t escape the feeling that the shop wasn’t as efficient or as productive as it could be.

We had the cars here and plenty of work,” he says. “The problems came after we got the cars in the shop.”

The sole service advisor was often left scrambling and never had enough time to spend with customers, building the relationships needed to sell the job. And that problem was reflected in the shop’s sub-par closing ratio of 50 percent and a $316 average repair order that Wisian says he knew could be much higher. Looking to turn around that closing ratio and truly get the most out of every job in the shop, Wisian decided to reinvest in his staff and focused those efforts on the front office.”

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