Technician.Academy has released its 35th podcast episode with Great Bear Auto Shop owner Audra Fordin and fellow industry expert Julia Lee. The podcast is now available for listeners via the Technician.Academy website and other subscription channels: Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Podcast Summary: In Episode #35 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, guests Audra Fordin and Julia Lee stress the value of developing your own technicians in today’s repair shops and how important it is to pursue an automotive career if you have a passion for the industry. Audra is the owner of Great Bear Auto Repair and Auto Body Shop in Flushing, NY and is also the founder of Women Auto Know, a resource that educates drivers and strives to improve the overall perception of the automotive industry. Julia also works at Great Bear where she started as a service writer, has since spent some time in the bay, and is currently moving into management. Tune in now to hear more from these two industry experts.

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