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Technician.Academy has released its 34th podcast episode with Shop Owner Rusty Flake. The podcast is now available for listeners via the Technician.Academy website and other subscription channels: Google Play, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Podcast Summary: In Episode #34 of Technician.Academy’s podcast series, shop owner and technician, Rusty Flake, gives advice to young people who are interested in the automotive repair industry and explains different career paths that a student can take within the automotive industry. Rusty Flake is the owner of Advanced Automotive Diagnostics & Repair in Whitland, IN, and has been working in auto repair for 35 years. He is invested in the future of the automotive repair industry and recognizes that there are technician shortages and other issues occurring in the industry. He offers his thoughts on how these problems can be remedied. Tune in today.

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